B.9. Player Financial Aid.

Subject to the limits and conditions set forth below, CASL will provide player financial aid to all players in need of financial assistance. The application is submitted to the CASL Financial Aid Sub-Committee via the CASL website, including proof of need: a written request stating the reason(s) for needing financial help submitted by the player, the player’s parent or guardian, or coach or other officials of the team, and total player costs for the season and the total funds requested is not to exceed  $75.00 per season for a Community Select team player. CASL will provide up to an annual budgeted amount for such requests and will base all requests upon funds available per season. The application deadline is August 1 for the Fall season and March 1 for the Spring season and any applications received after these dates may be denied.  A maximum of three (3) awards of financial aid will be provided to players on any one (1) team per season. The Financial Aid Sub-Committee will have the authority to waive the maximum number of allotments per team as they see fit.  No player will receive financial aid for both a CASL team and a premier club. All players, receiving financial assistance through CASL are expected to provide  3 hours of volunteer service to a CASL sponsored event, via their Community organization.


The deadline for Spring is March 1st

The deadline for Fall is August 1st

Financial Assistance Application

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic made 2020 a particularly challenging year for CASL. If the resources are available we will provide financial aid. However, at this point, you need to know that we will provide considerably less help than any past season.