This form does NOT need to be notarized.  The USYS Medical Release Form is to be kept on file by the coach of the team.

Michigan Public Acts 342 and 343 of 2013 require all youth athletic participants to sign a form acknowledging they have received concussion education materials. Youth coaches must also complete an online concussion training program.

All players must have this form on file with CASL and the club before they will be allowed to participate in the season.  This form is valid for the player until they reach the age of 18 so you will not need to collect it from each player every year.

This must be completed by a Health Professional when a player has been removed from play due to concussion like symptoms.  A player is NOT eligible to participate in any CASL matches until this form has been received by the CASL Office.  For the purposes of CASL, only an MD or DO will qualify as a Health Professional.

All coaches and team officials must complete the Heads Up Concussion Training Video. Upon completion of the training, coaches and team officials must submit a hard copy of their certificate.  No coach or team official will be eligible to participate in the season until this is on file with the CASL Office.