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The Capital Area Soccer League (CASL) is a proud member of the Michigan State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA) in affiliation with United States Youth Soccer (USYS). All members including teams, coaches, and players follow all MSYSA guidelines, rules, and regulations, which can be found on the MSYSA Website.


All CASL club members promote player development and offer a fun, competitive, safe, and positive environment for all players and teams involved.​


Remember the game is made for the players by the players!

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  • Both home and away teams give the Match Cards and Pass Card Sheet to the referee.

    • Laminated Pass Cards or Virtual Passcards are accepted​ but not required

  • Update Fall 2022:  HOME TEAMS are responsible for the referee payment

  • Cross out the names of players and coaches who are not present.

  • Coaches must be in possession of a CASL/MSYSA Passcard showing their RM/CDC/Safesport Information.

    • If a coach has their passcard on their  phone that can be accepted but must  show the referee to verify​

  • Following the final whistle, one coach or manager from the home and away teams should meet with the referee.

  • The referee should explain what has been written on the Match Card

  • Once explained, the home coach or manager and away coach or manager should sign both Match Cards​​

Please Note:

Post-game is not a time to dispute or change the Match Card. Any complaints should be submitted to CASL's Complaints Director - Steve Torok at

If either team has a complaint regarding the referee, please submit it via the GLASRA Referee Feedback Form

  • The winning team or home team (in case of a tie) take a photo of the signed Match Card (Game Sheet)

  • Submit the score via the CASL Got Sport Public Page - Pin: "CASL"

  • Upload Match Card (Game Sheet) to "Game Sheet Upload"

Please Note:

Scores must be submitted within 48 hours of the match. 

Any disputes or complaints must be submitted in writing to our CASL Complaints Director at with your name and game number in the subject line. 

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