K.2. Rescheduling. Once the respective fall or spring season starts, no rescheduling is allowed unless the CASL Scheduler determines that he or she has made a scheduling error that must be corrected or that a reschedule is necessary due to an unforeseen emergency or tragedy.

The Coach who initiates the rescheduling of the game is responsible to:

  • Contact the opposing team’s coach to see if they are willing to reschedule and arrive at a tentative alternate date, time, and/or field.

  • Complete the Game Change Form via the CASL Game Change Form below.

  • Re-contact the opposing coach once the CASL Scheduler has confirmed the game rescheduling.

  • Rescheduling fees will be paid via the website and will incur the following fees: $50 if within one week of the originally scheduled date; $75 if within 3 days of the originally scheduled date; $100 if within 24 hours of the originally scheduled date/time.

It is the responsibility of the CASL Scheduler to:

  • Contact the Referee Scheduler and ask that the referees be rescheduled.

  • Confirm to both teams that the rescheduled game can or will be rescheduled.

  • Notify both teams if a scheduling error has been made and needs to be corrected and work with both teams to identify a mutually agreeable game reschedule.

**Update For Fall 2021**

The COVID Pandemic and referee shortage have been difficult for all parties involved with CASL. Due to the number of postponements caused by this CASL will allow reschedules for the following:

  • Postponement due to COVID

  • Postponement due to the referee shortage


Please use the following form to submit a game change:

Reminder: Only the HOME team is required to submit the game change please do not submit multiple game change requests

Game Change Request

Contact Information

Original Game Information


Reschedule Game Information