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Greater Lansing Area Referee Association (GLASRA)

The Capital Area Soccer League has been a part of GLASRA for a number of years and continues to help promote and train referees. All referees assigned to CASL games must be certified for the current calendar year by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) at least as a Grassroots Referee and a member in good standing with GLASRA. Referees must wear their current year USSF badge at each game and should have their USSF registration card with them while officiating.

Younger/less experienced referees are assigned to the younger games, while older/more experienced referees are assigned to the older-age games.

One referee is assigned to u8 and younger games. One referee and two assistant referees are assigned to u9 and older games. When appropriate and necessary, a club-line may be used in a game when two assistant referees cannot be present.

CASL does not assign referees. Assignments are made by the CASL Assignor for the league. Each referee assignor is USSF-certified.

Referees are an essential part of the game and should be treated with respect at all levels. Remember no certified referee, no game!

GLASRA Contacts

President: Andrew Hoard

Vice President: Bob Manes

CASL Assignor: Robert Illani

Nic Laporte
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