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Once the respective fall or spring season starts, no rescheduling is allowed unless the CASL Scheduler determines that he or she has made a scheduling error that must be corrected or that a reschedule is necessary due to an unforeseen emergency or tragedy.

The Coach who initiates the rescheduling of the game is responsible for the following:

  • Contact the opposing team’s coach to see if they are willing to reschedule and arrive at a tentative alternate date, time, and/or field.

  • Complete the Game Change Form below

  • Rescheduling fees will be paid via the website and will incur the following fees:

    • $50 if 4 days or more from the originally scheduled date.

    • $75 if within 3 days of the originally scheduled date. 

    • $100 if within 24 hours of the originally scheduled date/time.

It is the responsibility of the CASL Scheduler to:

  • Contact the Referee Scheduler and ask that the referees be rescheduled.

  • Contact and confirm to both teams that the rescheduled game can or will be rescheduled.

  • Notify both teams if a scheduling error has been made and needs to be corrected and work with both teams to identify a mutually agreeable game reschedule.​

 Game Change Request

Game Change Successfully Submitted :)

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